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AC 152/1200 Messier Hexafoc EXOS-2 GoTo Telescope

AC 152/1200 Messier Hexafoc EXOS-2 GoTo Telescope

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He Messier AC 152/1200 optical system:

This optical system is presented, with an aperture of 152 mm and a long focal length of 1200 mm, as a first-class universal instrument. You can use it to observe the planets in detail or apply the high-resolution optical system for astronomical photography, here you have a solution for everything. Unsurpassed contrast and sharpness, as well as great luminous power, come together in a first-class refractor.

Frame Bresser EXOS 2:

EXOS-2 is a stable mount with high load capacity (optical systems weighing up to 13 kg) and with precise tracking, for visual observations, and also for astronomical photography. Double grooved radial ball bearings on both axles ensure precise running and optimized RA axle housings minimize play. Furthermore, this Very stable mount, with very precise mechanization , allows you to get started in astronomical photography in an economical way. As an option you can add a two-axis motorized control.

We supply:

- stable mount

- graduated counterweights

- robust steel tripod

The GoTo system for Bresser EXOS 2 models will help even those with less experience to locate in a few minutes those astronomical objects difficult or impossible to find . With a single click you can set the system to search for planets, nebulae or galaxies. Additionally, the GoTo system It will position the telescope automatically . Its internal memory has more than 100,000 objects in its database and still has room for you to include some own . Make observations with a Messier series optics with GoTo system without having to search for objects or take photographs of faint objects that, with the classic search method, you could not find...

The telescope is supplied with the Hexafoc focuser , which has a free aperture of 64 mm. For photographic use in particular, the focuser can be retrofitted with a 1:10 reducer (see “Recommended accessories”). This fine drive allows for more precise focus adjustment.


Optical system
Guy Refractor
Type of construction Achromat
Opening (mm) 152
Focal length (mm) 1200
Aperture ratio (f/) 7.9
Resolution capacity 0.76
limit value (mag) 12.7
Light collecting capacity 470
Maximum useful magnification 304
Tube weight (kg) 11.1
Tube construction complete tube
Telescopic eyepiece tube
Type of construction Hexafoc
Connection (eyepiece side) 2
Free opening (mm) 65
Type of construction EXOS-2 GoTo
Frame type equatorial
GoTo Yeah
Power supply 12
Electrical power consumption (mA) 1200
Database 100,000
Control command GoTo Bresser System
Guy Tripod
Height (cm) 68-109
Weight (kg) 4.6
Material Steel
Accessories included
eyepiece adapter 1.25" & 2"
Dovetail plate Vixen-Style
Clamps Yeah
1.25" eyepieces SP 26mm
Viewing telescope 8x50
Deflection optical system Zenith mirror, 1.25" - 90o
Several pole finder
In general
Series Messier
Total weight (kg) 21.8
Moon and planets Yeah
Nebulae and galaxies Yeah
Nature observation Yeah
Astrophotography Yeah
Recommended for
Beginners Yeah
Advanced Yeah
Observatories No
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