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Dobson Advanced XN 203/1200 Telescope

Dobson Advanced XN 203/1200 Telescope

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Tips: Expand the capacity of this Dobsonian telescope with the Push+Go Self-Encoding System

The nebulae, star clusters and galaxies that the sky hides
The Omegon Advanced It has top quality finishes, it only consists of 2 pieces and is very easy to use. In addition, it does not require adjustment of the axes, making it perfect for beginner astronomers. It responds to a simple principle: place and start observing... Although, in reality, the topic is much more complex.

Summary of advantages:

  • Precision Focus: 2" Crayford eyepiece with 1.25" adapter
  • Teflon and tension springs to rotate the telescope in all directions up to the zenith or on its own axis
  • Main mirror with 94% "Enhanced Coating" treatment for brighter images
  • Faster cooling = faster viewing: fan for main mirror

Main mirror with 94% reflection for clearer images
Dobson telescopes are true specialists for deep sky observation. The richness of contrasts, details and clarity of the image are to the telescope what the stars are to the sky. And that is precisely what this parallactic main mirror offers you. Thanks to the 94% Enhanced Coating treatment on the surface, you'll enjoy ultra-clear images, including those of deep-sky objects at the edge of the visible.

Greater observation agility: fan for the main mirror
Just a slight, inconspicuous hum, but with a huge effect: the integrated 12V fan cools the main mirror up to 50% faster, so your telescope can reach optimal image quality much sooner. Long waits are over!

2" Crayford eyepiece holder
Use its 1.25 or 2" eyepieces and enjoy spectacular panoramic observations. The ball bearings will allow you to focus on the object you want to look at with complete smoothness.

Maximum ease of movement in all directions
It has never been so easy to point the telescope at an object and follow it across the sky. Thanks to the Teflon pad on the large azimuthal swivel plate and the 2 tension springs on the elevation axis, you can slide your telescope freely in all directions and do manual tracking to keep the celestial object within the field of view at all times. moment.

The advantage of the Dobson: easier and faster to assemble
What is the best thing about this format? Well, Dobson telescopes only consist of 2 pieces, so they can be assembled in a breeze. In addition, they are more economical than other comparable telescopes on equatorial mounts. They stand out because they allow you to really enjoy the visual observation sessions. Explore the sky: it's amazing what you can see with your own eyes.

Scope of delivery:

  • Telescope + rocker mount with eyepiece holder
  • 8x50 finder
  • 1.25" eyepiece, 25mm


Optical system

Guy  Reflector
Type of construction  Newton 
Opening (mm)  203
Focal length (mm)  1200
Aperture ratio (f/)  6
Resolution capacity  0.58
limit value (mag)  13.3
Light collecting capacity  820
Maximum useful magnification  400
Tube weight (kg) 10.2
Tube construction complete tube

Telescopic eyepiece tube

Type of construction  Crayford 
Connection (eyepiece side)  2


Frame type  Dobson 
Type of construction  Dobson
GoTo  No


Guy Compact rotating box (rockerbox)
Material Wood

Accessories included

1.25" eyepieces  Plössl 25mm - 1.25
Viewing telescope  8x50
Several Eyepiece holder

In general

Total weight (kg) 20.4
Series Advanced X 
Special recommendation Yeah


Moon and planets Yeah
Nebulae and galaxies Yeah
Nature observation not recommended
Astrophotography not recommended
Sun  not recommended (only with appropriate sunscreen)

Recommended for

Beginners  Yeah
Advanced  Yeah
Observatories  No
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