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Messier NT-150S/750 Hexafoc EXOS-2/EQ5 Telescope

Messier NT-150S/750 Hexafoc EXOS-2/EQ5 Telescope

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150mm f/5 Newtonian Telescope with Mount and Tripod

  • 150mm Newtonian Telescope with Stable Mount
  • D: 150mm; F: 750mm; F/D: F/5
  • Equat. EXOS-2 mount with solid stainless steel tripod and maximum load of 13 kg
  • GoTo motors + optional Startracker
  • Includes: Messier NT-150S, EXOS-2, Acc.
  • Aperture solar filter and smartphone adapter for celestial navigation included
  • Two optional motor/drive systems available
  • Excellent HEXAFOC focuser with 65 mm diameter
  • Precision mounting with ball bearings on all axes and optional illuminated polar viewer
  • Handle and camera mount included

The BRESSER Messier NT-150 optical tube stands out for its great robustness and for its highly detailed and rigid images. Its diameter of 150mm allows you to observe the brightest deep sky objects. Spot the remnants of a massive stellar explosion that occurred in the year 1054 in the constellation Taurus or look for the glowing bands of the Great Orion Nebula. Identify the great Whirpool galaxy in Ursa Major or find the Dumpbell Nebula in the Vulpecula constellation. This tube combined with a stable mount will allow you to take your first steps in astrophotography.


  • Tracking motors (RA/DEC) are installed on both axes to track objects with high precision
  • Adjustable polar finder
  • Bubble level for easy tripod setup
  • 6x30 finderscope with illuminated reticle
  • Tube rings with base for camera support (1/4” universal thread)
  • Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail
  • T2 thread for DSLR cameras (you need a T2 adapter ring for your camera)
  • 50.8mm (2“) to 31.7mm (1.25“) adapter with integrated T2 thread (T2 ring required for your camera


  • Telescope
  • Eyepiece 26mm Super Plössl (31.7mm /1.25")
  • 50.8mm (2") to 31.7mm (1.25") adapter with integrated T2 thread
  • Mounting ring (for EXOS and similar mounts)
  • Camera Base Clamps
  • Search engine 6x30
  • BRESER CD/ROM with "Stellarium" software
  • Planisphere German EXOS 2 equatorial mount with steel tripod



  • Scope
  • Deep Sky Observation
  • Moon observation
  • lunar photography
  • planetary observation
  • planetary photography
  • solar observation


  • Beginners
  • Advanced


  • Reflector Telescope Product Family


  • Optical Design Newton Reflecting Telescope
  • Increase of 29
  • Maximum useful magnification 300
  • Mirror diameter 150mm
  • Secondary mirror diameter 55mm
  • Mirror/lens diameter 150mm
  • Focal length 750mm
  • Focal ratio 5
  • Obstruction (%) 37
  • Resolution 0.86 arc seconds


  • White color
  • Manual fine movements (RA and DEC)
  • Tripod Material3 Stainless Steel
  • External diameter 50.8mm
  • Mount Type German/Equatorial Mount
  • Messier Product Series
  • Extended warranty (years) 10


  • Total length 1000mm
  • Total width 1000mm
  • Total height 1700 mm
  • Net weight Optical tube (accessories included) 5.5 kg
  • Tube diameter 180mm
  • Tube length 690mm
  • Adjustable/adjustable height ✓
  • Maximum load capacity 13 kg
  • Net weight Frame (accessories included) 5.6 kg
  • Net weight Tripod (accessories included) 4.7 kg
  • Counterweight 4.5 kg
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