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Schmidt-Cassegrain SC 203/2032 NexStar 8 SE GoTo Telescope

Schmidt-Cassegrain SC 203/2032 NexStar 8 SE GoTo Telescope

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Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Optics:

In spite of the great focal length of Schmidt-Cassegrain optics, these telescopes have a Very short tube design , resulting in a compact and extremely light or, which can be transported easily . The light falls on an aspherical Schmidt corrector plate and is then projected onto the spherical main mirror. This reflects it in a secondary mirror, which in turn returns it to the main mirror. The light beam passes through the hole in the main mirror in the center. In this way, the light is projected towards the focuser located at the lower end of the tube. So the system is closed and does not suffer from air turbulence that could deteriorate the image. Of course, this also means optimal protection against dust. The Schmidt plate is multi-coated ensuring bright, low-reflection images.

This optic offers a very good image and the contrast and sharpness are great to enjoy planetary observation. The Schmidt-Cassegrain system is an all-rounder for observation and photography , and includes a huge range of optional accessories. As seen from the lower end of the tube It is easy to orient the telescope . This instrument is also ideal for occasional terrestrial applications, such as bird watching at short distances. Celestron SC optics are designed for a diameter ratio of approximately 1:10, so they can also be used for astronomical photography .

He main mirror focus It guarantees a very wide focusing range, allowing you to use almost any accessory. In the positioning mechanism to focus the main mirror, two are used. preloaded ball bearings to minimize mirror shift (a typical problem when using simple bushings). The use of High-quality materials , such as CNC machined aluminum, cast steel and stainless steel components, ensure high stability with low weight; That is why a very heavy mount is not necessary, unlike other telescope designs.

Optics Features:

  • large focal length with a short structure
  • lightweight aluminum tube
  • High quality Starbright XLT multi-coating
  • system closed
  • Preloaded ball bearings focus the main mirror with minimal displacement.

The mount Celestron NexStar:

Finally the “Travel Pro”, Celestron's first variable fork mount with Integrated stand , can also be used without a tripod. The tube can be detached from the mount in a single step. So you can take the optic as hand luggage on the plane and check the frame in a suitcase. Other instruments with different applications, such as a solar telescope or multiple cameras with different lenses, can also be attached to the same fork mount.

GoTo control with “SkyAlign”. Aligning a telescope has never been easier: without using a spirit level, a compass or the North Star (on a balcony observatory). Simply enter the coordinates of your location and time , point to any three stars (you don't even have to know what they are called), and press "Enter." The telescope already knows the sky and can travel towards the object ( it has 40,000 objects programmed ) as if by magic.

Updatable control unit: thanks to Flash Eprom technology, the control software can be updated at any time via the Internet.

GPS module (optional): so you don't have to enter your location coordinates and time. The GPS module receives this data directly from the GPS satellites and automatically reads it into the controller each time you use your telescope.

Remote control via PC: The included “NexRemote” program allows remote control of the telescope with any laptop/PC.


- Optical design: Schmidt Cassegrain catadioptric
- Opening: 203mm
- Distance: 2032 mm
- Focal ratio: f/10
- Coating: StarBright XLT Optical
- Prism: Zenith 31.8 mm
- Eyepieces: 1.25´´ (Magnification) 25mm (81x) 31.8 mm
- Search engine: Luminous Pointer
- Extras: Astronomical software “TheSkyX-First Light Edition” with 10,000 objects in the database.
- Resolution: (Rayleigh / Dawers) 0.69 arc seconds / 0.57 arc seconds
- Maximum / minimum useful magnification: 480x / 29x
- Magnitude star rays: 14
- Tripod: Integrated stainless steel
- Power: With 8 AA batteries (not included) and 12V DC transformer (Included)
- Mount: Motorized and computerized Altazimutal.
- Database: +4,000 objects
- Control: NexStar+ updateable via internet.
- Additional port: for accessories such as GPS.
- Weight: 15 Kg

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